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The Centre for Biomathematics provides a cross-community, interdisciplinary focus for experts from across the College of Science and beyond with interests on the interface between mathematics and biology or medicine. Our aim is to foster collaborations which are mutually interesting, leading to new developments in both fields. 

By exploiting complementary and wide-ranging knowledge across disciplines, we aim to develop novel biologically-informed predictive mathematical, and statistical models and computational approaches to tackle topical questions in biology and medicine and, hopefully, at the same time lead to new theoretical developments in mathematics and computer science


  • Workshop on Mathematical Medicine and Pharmacology @ Swansea, February 2-3, 2017. More details here.

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2-3 February 2017

Organizing Committee: Dr Gibin Powathil, Dr Lloyd Bridge and Dr Elaine Crooks

This workshop focuses on mathematical medicine and mathematical pharmacology and will bring together established researchers, early career researchers, PhD students from various disciplines.The topics covered will span a broad spectrum of problems of current interest in oncology and pharmacology and will hopefully stimulate further interactions and research in novel directions. There will be talks on cancer and treatment modelling, biomedical modelling techniques and mathematical pharmacology.

This workshop will be of interest to mathematicians, biologists, experimentalist and clinical researchers. We hope that through this workshop we can generate a wider interest in this area by showcasing the usefulness and predictive nature of mathematical and computational models in Biosciences and Medicine and thus initiating new local, regional and national collaborations in this exciting area of science.

Registration closes on 15 January 2017 and support available for early career researchers. Please find more details and registration form here.

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PhD Opportunities

Swansea Science Doctoral Training Centre: deadline now closed

Launch success!

On the 5th May 2016, The College of Science officially launched the Centre for Biomathematics. Professor Matt Jones, Head of College, and Associate Professors Elaine Crooks and Luca Borger outlined their vision for the Centre together with examples of joint PhD projects, joint postdoctoral research projects, PhD opportunities and events.

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