Research at the College of Law

Research is central to life at the College of Law. An active and forthright academic community of law teachers, legal scholars and students, Swansea exemplifies all sides of the academic tradition, from commercial law to criminology, Welsh legal issues, consitutional law and legal philosophy. The research done in the College is not only regarded as an integral part of its service to the legal community, Wales and society as a whole, but is widely recognised as being of global standing and international excellence. The School celebrated its 21st anniversary in 2014; in recent years its progress has accelerated rapidly through its talented and energetic staff, whose work it fosters in an environment that remains responsive to research initiatives in all areas.

In the Research Excellence Framework survey of 2014, 60 percent of research conducted within the College was rated world-leading or of international excellence, and 95 per cent was recognised to have achieved an international standard. This put it at the top of all Welsh law schools in the Times Higher Education Supplement's research intensity league tables; it also put it above five Russell Group law schools, including Queen Mary, Exeter and Southampton.

The College of Law promotes its research through four Research Centres (the Hywel Dda Institute, the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law, the Centre for Criminal Justice and Criminology and the Centre for Global Legal Priorities). The results of this process can be seen at first hand by any student: in large numbers of publications in academic journals, in books and in the organisation of international conferences, research seminar series, and other events, which research students are generally welcome to attend.