Ensuring we meet the highest standards

The College of Law and Criminology has a Research Ethics and Governance Committee to ensure its research is designed and conducted to meet key ethical principles and is subject to formal oversight. The group aims to:

  • Own and maintain the College’s Research Ethics and Governance policy and processes
  • Consider requests for ethical approval of research projects from staff and postgraduate students
  • Monitor ethical approvals for undergraduate student projects
  • Advise researchers on the design and review of research to ensure integrity, quality and transparency
  • Advise researchers on data management plans and expectations
  • Provide regular reports and updates to the University Research Ethics and Governance Sub-Committee; and
  • Provide an annual summary of activity to the Head of College.

The group meets at least once a semester and has a sub-committee to consider Undergraduate and PGTM cases.

Members are:

  • Prof Kevin Haines (Chair)
  • Dr Victoria Jenkins (Deputy chair)
  • Prof Simon Baughen
  • Dr Arwel Davies
  • Dr Jane Williams
  • Dr Pamela Ugwudike
  • Mr Chris Marshall (Research hub manager)
  • Lay member (to be appointed)