Gradintel & HEAR (Diploma Supplement)

Swansea University offers a range of experiences and services that improves the employability of its students.  There is a link on the right hand side of this page to the Careers and Employability Service, that provides guidance to students, access to job and work experience opportunities, information resources and workshops.  There is also a link to the Swansea Employability Academy, a body which promotes new initiatives and provides opportunities for students to improve skills, for example, through the Week of Work.

The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) Diploma Supplement is a document verified by the University, that provides a single comprehensive record of students' academic and personal achievements, including not only module marks but wider extra-curricular achievements.  The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) incorporates the template used to produce the European Diploma Supplement. Some background information relating to the European Diploma Supplement and how it compares with the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) can be found here. Swansea University is one of the first institutions to successfully implement the HEAR (Diploma Supplement) and ensure that its students can benefit from it.  It can be accessed by students whilst studying on their programme and after completion and graduation.

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) records achievements in recognised extra-curricular activities, through the completion of employability awards. Currently, four awards are available to students, namely the Swansea Employability Award (SEA), Discovery Volunteering Award, Egypt Centre Award and the Sustainability Award.  More information about these awards can be found here. Two other employability awards are in the process of being approved/piloted this year and more information about these will follow in due course.

The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) is produced and stored electronically within, and all undergraduate students aiming for an award and postgraduate taught masters students will be given the opportunity to register with gradintel soon after enrolment. As well as producing and storing the HEAR (Diploma Supplement), gradintel also has the following features which can enhance your employability:

  • The HEAR (Diploma Supplement) can be shared with employers or other institutions at any time during the course. It will be updated on an annual basis, so that confirmed results and achievements can be shared when applying for jobs or internships prior to graduation.
  • A personality questionnaire can be completed allowing you to identify areas of strength in which employers are interested, and also weaknesses which you can address. The results of the personality questionnaire are also matched to career profiles, providing an indication of the careers that are best suited to you and your way of working.
  • Psychometric assessments can be completed, measuring your verbal, numerical and logical reasoning. Over 70% of graduate employers now expect candidates to complete similar tests as part of the selection process, so they provide a useful opportunity to practice. The cost of purchasing similar psychometric assessment tools would be over £170, but as part of the gradintel software, the facility is entirely free.
  • Gradintel provides a platform for employers to ‘tag’ potential recruits, having searched the database and accessed the academic results, personal profiles, experiences and psychometric results of students, drawing to their attention any vacancies they have. This process is entirely anonymous until you decide to share your personal information with them.