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An Overview

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The new £32.5 million world-class Computational Science facility will act as a beacon for research collaborations and will look to attract leading researchers to Wales, placing Swansea at the heart of a thriving regional ecosystem of digital companies and research. 

‌‌The ‌Computational Foundry ‌is backed by £17m from the European Regional Development Fund and will drive research into computational and mathematical sciences and make Wales a global destination for computational scientists and industrial partners.

The University’s vision is to nurture and grow a dedicated community of computational and mathematical scientists who pursue transformative research and believe that better computational science is vital in building a progressive world: socially, economically, culturally, philosophically and intellectually.


Computational Foundry build update 

As the construction gathers pace for the £32.5 million Computational Foundry, it’s fast becoming an impressive addition to the Swansea Bay skyline. This month the roof structure of this four storey building is completed, the stone façade is installed, and internal elements of the facility are beginning to take shape.

Last week the Computational Foundry User Group, formed to take a strategic role in the development of the building’s design to ensure it meets the needs of its community, visited the site and were pleased to see how their vision is being realised.

Dynamic learning and collaborative spaces are an important part of the specification, and already it is possible to see these architectural plans come to life. This includes a light-filled Atrium in the Mathematics section of the building, ‘touchdown’ breakout and inspiration spaces in the bridge that connects the two wings of the building, and the Crucible, which will be the centre-piece of the Computational Foundry.

Currently the precast panels that form the exterior of the building are being installed, and when finished, the Computational Foundry will have the biggest precast façade in Wales. A company in Taunton has upgraded their facilities in order to deliver the panels, where bespoke timber moulds are created and filled with precast elements, making it easier to ensure the exterior of the building is of the highest quality before it reaches the building site.

As the tallest building on the Bay Campus, the rooftop views are as breath-taking as the size and scale of the Computational Foundry itself, on track for completion in September 2018. 

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