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Swansea University’s framework for Postgraduate Research (PGR) student training aims to support and guide you to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes you need to excel in your research degree and future career, whether in higher education or otherwise.

The PGR office coordinates a full programme of skills development and training workshops, grouped into seven core training themes:

      1.           Managing Information and data
      2.           Presentation and public engagement
      3.           Resilience, problem solving and personal effectiveness                       
      4.           Leadership and working with others
      5.           Academic writing
      6.           Research methods and project management
      7.           Citzenship, integrity and ethics

The framework also includes three elective themes, which you may find beneficial depending on your intended career pathway.

        1.         Career planning and progress                           
        2.         Enterprise and commercial acumen
        3.         Teaching and demonstrating

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To help guide you in selecting relevant training workshops, they are organised by stage of your candidature. “ENGAGE” workshops are most suited to students near the beginning of their candidature, “EXPLORE” workshops in the middle, and “ENHANCE” workshops are most appropriate for students coming to the end of their research degree.

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The PGR office recognises that some of the best ways to gain and develop your skills is through immersive experiences, where you get involved and apply, reflect upon and reinforce your skills in a practical way. Active participation in “IMMERSE” activities enables you to evidence your skills as you progress with your career. You can find out more about these activities under each training theme.


The University also recognises that you need to be able to access information as and when you need it. Therefore “SUPPORT” resources, including ebooks, blogs, workshop recordings and online training materials are available under each of the training themes  exactly when you need them.

Skills development award

You will be eligible for the Postgraduate Research Skills Development Award if you attend at least two workshops from each of the seven core training themes, plus an additional two workshops from any theme, over the course of your candidature. All PGR students can request a transcript detailing the workshops you have completed.

To request your skills development award, or a transcript of the workshops you have completed, please email

Workshop providers

Workshops are free of charge to attend and are delivered by Swansea academics, library staff, professional services staff and leading training professionals from across the world.  Some courses are provided by the Postgraduate Research Office, Academic Success Programme (ASP), Swansea Employability Academy (SEA), Development and Training Services (DTS) and Research, Engagement and Innovation Services (REIS).

Explore training workshops, immersive opportunities and supporting resources in each of the training themes.