Student Hardship

Easing financial pressures

At Swansea University, we recognise that many of our students may face financial hardship at some point during their time at university. The Swansea Fund aims to increase the support available in this area, easing the financial pressures brought about by engaging in full time education.

With your generosity, we can make a huge difference to our current generation of students during their time at Swansea University

Thank you for sharing our vision.

How it's helped

Student 1

A mature student applied to the Hardship Fund as a result of finding difficulty paying for bills over the summer period.  The student would usually be working during this time, but was forced to re-sit exams due to a family bereavement. The student had exhausted their funds to cover rent and bills, and as a result had no money for general living costs. 

After accessing an application, the student was awarded a small amount to see them through the exam period. The student expressed their gratitude and also highlighted how professional and courteous the process had been.

Student 2

A student had been sofa surfing for a few weeks having had a series of serious rows with their mum and new step-father. The step-father refused to complete the financial section of the student funding application, leaving the student with only a few hundred pounds to live on per term (Student Finance require information about ‘household income’ and does not recognise recent family estrangement - thus the student was unable to access anything more than basic funding).

The student was able to apply to the fund for help in the short term by providing money for food and other essential living costs. In the longer term, the student’s part time work paid for accommodation, but the fund helped meet the cost of the bond−something the student would have struggled to fund given the sudden change in his circumstances−ensuring they were able to settle into new accommodation quickly and focus on their studies.