Study and work abroad

Add value to your CV

If you enjoy travelling and want to experience living in another culture, why not consider living and working abroad as part of your degree?

As more and more businesses recruit from a global pool of talent, we're finding new ways to help you stand out from the crowd, no matter where in the world you're from, and we encourage all our students to take advantage of opportunities to gain experience of new countries and cultures.

We aim to give all our undergraduate students the opportunity to spend time studying or working overseas. When students return from these exchanges or placements, we notice a real difference in their confidence, communication skills, and maturity, and the vast majority have gained knowledge and experience that you really can't replicate without that exposure to new cultures.

Studying and working abroad:

  • rewards you with an international outlook that employers welcome
  • helps you to gain confidence and become more self-reliant
  • gives you the independence and initiative that will give you the best possible start to your career.

We have study abroad links with more than 100 partner universities around the world, from Europe, Asia and Australasia, to North and South America. Most have been established by individual academic departments, so where you can study will probably depend on the course you are studying.

If you choose one of our four-year undergraduate degree programmes, you will usually study abroad at one of our partner universities during your third year. If you are on a three-year programme, you can take advantage of the opportunity to "study abroad in lieu of study at Swansea", which means that you may be able to spend a semester of your second year overseas.

For further information, please see the International Office website