Areas of Expertise

  • I use the methedology of perturbative quantum field theory to investigate a variety of problems including the understanding of the interactions in Gauge Theories and in examining the perturbative consistency of possible theories of Quantum Gravity.


  1. & Loop Amplitudes in an Extended Gravity Theory.
  2. Analytic all-plus-helicity gluon amplitudes in QCD. prd
  3. & Two-Loop Six Gluon All-Plus Helicity Amplitude. Physical Review Letters 117(6)
  4. & Two-loop gravity amplitudes from four dimensional unitarity. Physical Review D 95(4)
  5. & Diagrammar in an extended theory of gravity. Physics Letters B 771, 230-234.

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  • PH-104 Astronomy and Cosmology

    This module is a basic introduction to Observational Astronomy and Cosmology. It will be given in a non-mathematical style and is intended to inspire and motivate students of any discipline at an early stage in their studies. Opportunities will be given for making practical astronomical observations.

  • PH-227 Mathematical Methods in Physics II

    This module introduces further mathematical methods used in Physics, especially complex variable theory, Fourier analysis, and their applications.


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    Other supervisor: Dr Warren Perkins
  • A Study of the Mathematical Structure of Scattering Amplitudes Through Their Singularities (current)

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    Other supervisor: Dr Warren Perkins