Professor Harold Thimbleby
Computer Science
Telephone: (01792) 602299
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Room: Room (505) - 505
Fifth Floor
Faraday Building (Tower Block)
Singleton Campus


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  3. (2017). Cybersecurity problems in a typical hospital (and probably in all of them). Presented at Developing Safe Systems, Proceedings of the 25th Safety-Critical Systems Symposium,, 415-439.Developments in System Safety Engineering [SCSC-135].
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  • CSCM39 Human Computer Interaction

    This module gives an overview on the main topics in Human Computer Interaction and helps students understand research and research processes in Human Computer Interaction. Students explore the advanced literature and research results underpinning the field of HCI. Classic papers and controversies are covered, as well as recent work from the leading figures. Students achieve a clear view of the 'cutting edge' and issues in the field and where things are happening. The module is very interactive, and students will be expected to give presentations.


  • 'Human-Computer Interaction and Patient Safety' (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Dr Tom Owen
  • Public Engagement with Research and its resulting impact (current)

    Student name:
    Other supervisor: Prof Huw Bowen
    Other supervisor: Prof David Turner