Hywel is a Mental Health Lecturer at the College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University. He has an interest in mental health, particularly older person’s mental health, pre-registration nursing and social media in nursing.


  • SHC150 Professional Practice 1

    This is an introductory module that prepares students for work in the healthcare science clinical practice environment.

  • SHG115 An Introduction to Dementia Care (ABM)

    The principal aim of the module is to enhance levels of care & quality of life for people with dementia through increasing knowledge and understanding of course participants in the many aspects of person-centred dementia care.

  • SHG387 Working with individuals who have a dementia-type illness and their carers

    This module aims to take a holistic approach to working with people who have dementia and their carers. The impact of dementia in terms of losses experienced by younger people who have dementia (under 65 years of age), older people who have dementia (aged over 65 years) and their families or carers will be explored. Assessment strategies, therapeutic interventions and the legal and ethical issues relevant to dementia care will be considered.