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Dr Richard Butterfield
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  • EG-111 Chemical Engineering Skills

    In this module you will be introduced to computer aided drawing packages in which you will produce drawings of engineering items to British Standards. You will also develop necessary ICT skills in Word and Excel to enable you to convey information in the form of technical reports, with an emphasis on the presentation and layout of these reports to convey the required information. You will also develop skills in engineering problem solving using Excel applied to a range of practical engineering problems. There is an emphasis on ethical design by engineers throughout. You will also develop skills to improved your employability by working towards the first part of the Swansea Employability Award, and have an understanding of academic integrity and its importance as a professional engineer.

  • EG-200 Separation Processes

    This module aims to give the student the standard methods to solve problems using specific key design parameters for a range of separation processes (Distillation, gas-liquid absorption, liquid-liquid extraction and evaporation). The module explains the underlying theoretical background to solving separation problems and then demonstrates how problems are solved for a range of simple two component systems.

  • EG-208 Process Design and Simulation

    This module provides consolidation of earlier studies of material and energy balances with extension to simultaneous heat and mass balances. To introduce the principles of process flow sheeting, using the sequential method for processes without re-cycle, and parallel methods for processes with re-cycle.

  • EGA102 Process Analysis and Design

    This module requires students to tackle a variety of problems often working as part of a team. The module is constructively aligned with fundamental content delivered in EG100 (Chemical Process Principles) and EGA114 (Chemical Engineering Science). The module also introduces more advanced theory related to material balances involving recycles and basic separation processes. Students are required to interrogate and apply taught concepts, analyse process engineering scenarios and synthesize a viable manufacturing solution. The main component within the module consists of a design project which forms the basis of a group report. The report shall address multiple aspects ranging from process flow diagrams, applied theory (material and energy balance calculations using spreadsheets), independent research of material properties and select unit operations.

  • EGA326 Chemical Engineering Design Project

    This module aims to give students experience in handling a complex and integrated engineering process design. This task will require, and so reinforce, the material taught throughout the undergraduate course and an additional amount of material from directed private study. The module provides transferable skills related to for working in a team environment on a major project.