What is Research as Art?

Research as Art is a competition which provides a platform for students, researchers and staff at Swansea University to convey the importance of their research.

For researchers used to describing their work in academic papers, distilling their research down to one picture and a 150-word description can present a challenge. The competition is open to all researchers from undergraduate to Professor, studying, working or supporting research in any field or discipline. Previously Research as Art has achieved a reach of over 50 million people worldwide through press coverage of the project - don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your research.

"I devised Research as Art, but the researchers who've engaged with the project and given a glimpse into their process are far better at Research as Art than I am, and have had a huge impact on how it's developed". Dr Richard Johnston, Founder of Research as Art.

Judging panel

  • Professor Gail Cardew - Professor of Science, Culture and Society at the Royal Institution
  • Flora Graham - Digital Editor of NewScientist.com
  • Barbara Kiser  - Books and Arts Editor, Nature  
  • Dan Cressey - Journalist, Nature