Politics and International Relations

Why Study Politics and International Relations

Politics and International Relations, based in the Department of Political and Cultural Studies, is one of the leading research-led units at Swansea University. Our degrees challenge our students to investigate the wide and complex issues arising from how our societies, both domestically and internationally, are organised and how they should be organised.  Politics is not just about studying government institutions and international relationships. It is a discipline that has explored different visions for a more just society for thousands of years, and yet still addresses some of today’s most pressing crises and challenges.

Politics and International Relations  investigate issues such as genocide, financial crises, the role of the US and other powers in the shaping of the world, the future of political devolution, the impact of new media technologies, the justifications (or lack of them) for war, the politics of post-conflict, and developing societies, democracy and democratisation.

What Our Students Say!

What our Students Say!

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