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Swansea University Procurement team, issue tenders where appropriate for various contracts and agreements. We also have access to Higher Education and public sector frameworks and agreements such as HEPCW, LUPC, SUPC, GPS (OGC), Value Wales, but where appropriate will also issue tenders and requests for quotations as relevant.

As a public sector body there is an obligation to comply with EU Directives in terms of tenders for works and for goods and services that exceed the thresholds published (and reviewed every two years). Any tenders for goods and services and for works that exceed the thresholds are advertised on Sell 2 Wales.

Swansea University is  based at Singleton Park and operates a devolved budgeting system under which day to day purchasing decisions are taken at departmental level.  

The University’s central Purchasing Team is based in the Finance Department at the University.  The Purchasing Team provides advice and assistance to departments on good purchasing practice and participates in all major procurement exercises conducted by the University.

The University’s stated aim is to achieve value for money and sustainability in all its procurement activity, taking into account whole life costs and environmental, social and economic factors, in accordance with EU Procurement Regulations and the University’s Purchasing Policy and Procedures.

How to Tender - Swansea University

It must be emphasised that the University operates a devolved budgeting system with day to day purchasing decisions taken at departmental level.  It does however for the majority of its core purchasing requirements endeavour to aggregate its requirements and let “framework agreements / contracts” to nominated suppliers. The majority of these “framework agreements / contracts” have been let in accordance with EU Procurement Regulations following competitive tendering exercises, and many agreements generally let in collaboration with other institutes of Higher Education.

The University does not operate an “Approved List” on which potential suppliers can register.  Any supplier wishing to undertake business with the University or tender for the University’s business should initially make contact with the team contacts.



Swansea University uses E-tender Wales Bravo Solution for the submission of all tenders. This is an electronic tendering system which allows suppliers who are registered on the site to download tender documentation and submit tender responses. It also allows queries to be dealt with via the message board with an audit trail.

You will need to be registered if you wish to access and download a tender that has been advertised on the system, please follow the link below to register:

E-tender Wales Bravo Solution

If you require any assistance with registering or have any queries about the site, please contact the Helpdesk on

Bravo Solutions Helpdesk :0800 368 4850 or

Email help@bravosolution.co.uk

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