Medical Engineering at Swansea

Medical Engineering is the application of engineering principles to both the human body and to a broad range of instrumentation used in modern medicine. 

The courses at Swansea University draw on the exciting medical research that is taking place within the College of Engineering and the College of Medicine. The research success in the two colleges led to the creation of the £22 million Centre for NanoHealth (CNH), a unique facility linking engineering and medicine.

Our Medical Engineering graduates gain the skills of engineering, whilst also providing employers with the added experience and knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and the ability to communicate with clinicians.

Medical Engineering undergraduate degrees

BEng Medical Engineering / UCAS code HB18

MEng Medical Engineering / UCAS code HBIV

BEng Medical Engineering (with a Year in Industry) / UCAS code HB19

MEng Medical Engineering (with a Year in Industry) / UCAS code HB1W

These courses are accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).


Medical Engineering Foundation Year / UCAS code HBC9