Computer Science at Swansea

Thank you for considering Computer Science at Swansea for your university education. Your choice of course and university is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make in life, and we hope that these pages will help you make the right decision.

The Department of Computer Science delivers a state-of-the-art education, taught by friendly staff who are committed to the highest standards. Our degree schemes range from the curiosity driven to the specialised, and we now offer degrees with a year in industry to further enhance our graduates excellent employment prospects.

Degree Schemes

  • BSc Computer Science (G400) is a broad curiosity-driven (that is, you can choose to specialize without restrictions) degree.
  • MSci Computer Science (G4G4) is a four-year degree that emphasises the scientific aspects of Computer Science and is intended for those looking for leading research roles in academia and industry.
  • BSc Software Engineering (G600) concentrates more on the skills needed for a career in the software industry by focussing on the process of building software to a specification.
  • MEng Computing (G403) is a four-year degree leading to a Masters qualification. This degree is aimed at those students who are committed to a career in the software development industry.

Computer Science Foundation Degree

  • FdSc Computer Science is a distinctive Higher Education qualification which combines academic and work-based learning and has been designed to meet skill gaps in the industry.

The location

  • A spectacular location next to the beach.
  • Next to the beaches and scenery of Gower.
  • A city with a vibrant social and cultural life and expanding high-tech industries.
  • The new Bay Campus.

The Department