What does a HEAR look like?

Click here to view an example of a HEAR

How do I view my HEAR?

To view your HEAR you need to activate your gradintel account.  An activation email will be sent to your university email account so it is important to activate your account whilst you are still a student

What is Gradintel?

Gradintel is a service Swansea is using to publish your HEAR electronically and allows you to share your HEAR with others such as potential employers or other universities

How can HEAR's be shared with third parties?

You can issue a token to third parties and specify how many times it can be viewed.  More information about this is available from gradintel.com

How much does it cost?

Gradintel’s services, including access to the HEAR, are free for students.

Who do I contact to correct incorrect or missing data on my HEAR?

Any queries relating to the HEAR, such as missing or incorrect information, should be directed to the following email address: hear@swansea.ac.uk

 What is Section 6.1 Additional Achievements?

Section 6.1 contains additional achievements that have been verified by the University

What will Section 6.1 contain?

It will contain items such as prizes and employability awards

Can I choose what information is included in my HEAR?

Most of the information on the HEAR is nationally defined and cannot be changed. However, students will have the option to not display some of the items in Section 6.1

What happens to my HEAR when I leave Swansea?

When you graduate or leave Swansea for any other reason a final version of your HEAR will be published in the month of July following your departure.