Tibetan Exchange Programme

Tseyang describes her reasons for wanting to come to Wales

Tibetan Exchange ProgrammeThis is Tseyang Palzom. She is a young Tibetan from Gangtok, Sikkim who describes herself as a 'Psychologist, animal lover, part time poet and full time dreamer'

Teysang is one of five young Tibetans selected to come to Swansea University as part of our Tibetan Exchange Programme. This is what she told us about her reasons for wanting to come to Wales:

“As a Tibetan girl who has had access to a decent education, I feel that it is my responsibility to be the voice of my voiceless brothers and sisters in Tibet.

I wish to take this opportunity to speak on behalf of my Tibetan counterparts who have been denied the things which I, as a 3rd generation refugee, take for granted in India.

As a human being, and a young one at that, I wish to learn and share – stories, ideas, laughter and tears – towards the hope and collective dream of a ‘FREE-er TIBET’.

I feel that each person is unique and not everyone needs to become an activist or a politician to bring about change. In our own capacity, if we strive to do better and become better human beings with a positive outlook we can all achieve changes.

Even if it may seem tiny or inconsequential, if we are all doing our bit to make the world a more peaceful place, it is a life well-lead”

You can read more about Teysang and the other young Tibetans who will be coming to Swansea later this year at https://www.facebook.com/tibetxchangeprogramme

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