Swansea Physicist visits the home of one of the greatest scientists in the field of mathematical physics

In August 2016, Dr Jamie Nemeth, Department of Physics, visited the home of James Clerk Maxwell, 1831-1879

Jamie NemethJames Clerk Maxwell FRS FRSE, was a Scottish scientist in the field of mathematical physics. Maxwell is famous for determining the nature of light as an electromagnetic wave, and the equations describing his theory of electromagnetism adorn the commemorative plaque on the wall of the visitor centre, placed by the IEEE in August 2009, as well as numerous textbooks and t-shirts(!).

Jamie met with Capt. Duncan Ferguson (on 5th August 2016), who lives on the estate and curates the visitor centre, and is passionate about the continued restoration of the part of the house Maxwell designed and had built. An engineer himself, he is proud of Maxwell’s academic and architectural achievements, but also talked of personal parallels, as they both came to Glenlair House at a similar age, looking out over the same inspiring view, a view which is “always changing, never the same.”

Duncan Ferguson’s work underpins Maxwell the person, his home, his natural and insatiable curiosity for the world and the way it worked, from an early age. Maxwell the scientist, and Maxwell the person, seem as interwoven as electricity and magnetism themselves. His most notable achievement was to formulate the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation. 

Glenlair House website: http://www.glenlair.org.uk/