Royal Geographical Society visit Department of Geography

On Thursday 15 October, the Royal Geographical Society visited the Department of Geography to encourage our students to become ambassadors for their discipline.

RGS studentsThe Royal Geographical Society’s Geography Ambassador scheme harnesses the enthusiasm and passion of undergraduate, postgraduate and graduate Geographers in order to promote the benefits and relevance of the subject to school pupils, in the hope that they will take it past the compulsory stages, as well as supporting school Geography Departments.

Ambassadors use their own love for the subject to run fun and interactive sessions, and support events and fieldwork, showing not only what Geography is, but also what it can be if you take it to university level.

The scheme currently works with over 30 universities and 1,800 Ambassadors from across the country.

Simon Faulkner, the scheme’s Coordinator, said:

‘It’s always a pleasure to come back to Swansea, and the training session was great fun – full of fantastic ideas and fantastic geography! Today we’ve gone through some ideas for activities that Ambassadors can deliver, including creating a geography rap and live debate. The training session is all about preparing students to work with school pupils in a fun and interactive way, and I’ve no doubt that the new Ambassadors at Swansea will do just that.’

Prof. Dave Clarke, Head of the Department of Geography, added: ‘It was great to welcome Simon to Swansea and to see our students taking up the opportunity to discover new ways to share their enthusiasm about the discipline. The Royal Geographical Society provides invaluable training and I’m really pleased that so many of our students came forward to participate. Armed with the know-how the Geography Ambassador scheme imparts, I’m sure they’ll be heading off to spread the word to future generations of University Geography students.’