PhD Geography Scholar’s Fellowship with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Steve Aston, PhD NERC scholar (and BSc Geography graduate), recently completed a fellowship with the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST).

Steve Aston PostPOST’s remit is to help parliamentarians examine science and technology issues, through briefings, events and assisting Select Committees.

Steve said: “My main job at POST was to write a briefing on means of removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. This wasn’t simply a case of writing a condensed literature review; I spent weeks meeting with various experts and stakeholders, trying to collate their perspectives. Scientists are just one group of many that policymakers have to listen to, and often even the scientists don’t agree with each other. Throw in some staunchly neo-liberal economists, a couple of paranoid NGOs, some moralizing sociologists and a few private sector chaps hoping to make a fortune by solving global warming, and it becomes pretty hard to find reach a consensus! I’m just glad I’m not the one who has to make the decisions. Strutting around Westminster pretending to be important and playing a small role in the process of translating science into policy, was a fantastic experience. I’d encourage any PhD student to apply for a POST Fellowship themselves."  Read the briefing here