Patent granted for KEA mathematical toolbox

This patent is concerned with a flexible toolbox of robust methods for image, data-processing and computational geometry tasks.

Elaine Crooks, Department of Mathematics, College of Science, Swansea; Kewei Zhang, University of Nottingham and Antonio Orlando, Tucuman University, Argentina were granted the UK patent `Image Processing', serial number GB2488294, in October 2015.

New convexity-based theory developed by the group is used, via a numerical implementation, to detect features in images or data, remove noise from images, identify intersections, etc, and hence provides novel geometric techniques for image processing, feature extraction and geometric interrogation. Advantages of this approach include the use of blind global methods that are stable under perturbation and different sampling ---techniques, and are also multi-scale, providing scales for features that allow users to select which size of feature they wish to detect.