Mathematics students visit Dresden

In May (26-29) 2015, PhD students from the Department of Mathematics were able to participate for the first time in the Student Exchange Programme with TU Dresden, which was reciprocated by PhD students from Dresden visiting Swansea in June (1-5).

Dresden Exchange 2015During their visit, students attended courses and workshops given by internationally well known scholars and also had the opportunity to participate in cultural activities, such as an excursion to the world famous “Mathematical Salon” located in Dresden’s well known museum, the “Zwinger”.

These activities were made possible thanks to the generous financial support by the ERASMUS programme, from TU Dresden and from the College of Science, Swansea University. In total, 20 students participated in at least one of the courses and 10 (6 from Swansea and 4 from Dresden) attended both meetings, enabling them to gain experience in networking for two weeks.

In addition to the lecture series given by staff (mainly about the analysis of Levy – type processes, a topic in which both, Dresden and Swansea mathematicians are world leading), PhD students also had the opportunity to give a presentation of their own.

The scheme, if financially supported, could be extended so that individual students could stay for longer periods in a research group of the partner university, in addition to the lecture series and workshops with students from both partners.

Swansea’s Mathematics Department has a well-known reputation for its PhD student training which was highlighted within the International Review of Mathematics in the U.K. 2010 as good practice. Part of this good practice includes one week lecture courses and workshops for PhD students each year. Some lie within the ERASMUS staff exchange programme, for example with TU–Dresden or the University of Wroclaw.

TU Dresden, is the largest German technical university, whose Mathematics Department was ranked in the region 200 – 250 in the 2015 QS Subject World Ranking (Swansea’s Mathematics Department was ranked in the region 250 – 300 as the best (by percentile) of all subject areas in Swansea).