Killer triffids that dominate life in our oceans

New research on microscopic organisms called mixotrophs could overturn a century's worth of our understanding of marine biology

Dr Aditee Mitra, Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research, has had an article published in The Conversation: 'Uncovered - the mysterious killer triffids that dominate life in our oceans'.

Aditee MitraThese fascinating creatures can "engulf living prey, suck out their innards, poison them, harpoon them, make them explode, and steal and reuse body parts” according to Dr Mitra.

The article was published on Thursday 3rd November, and to date has had nearly 95,000 readers and been re-published by 8 publishers. The article is currently the 2nd most read article from Swansea University and the top article from the College of Science. Within the author list, Aditee ranks in 3rd place for Swansea University and 1st  for the College of Science.