Finnish company chooses Swansea for its UK headquarters and software development centre

In a move which will create 30 highly-skilled jobs in Wales, a leading Finnish user experience and service design agency has chosen Swansea as its new UK headquarters and software development centre.

Harri MansikkamakiImage: Managing Director of Leadin UK, Harri Mansikkamäki

Leadin, which is headquartered in Tampere, chose Swansea over a number of possible locations for its new software centre. The company will expand its European operations with backing from Welsh Government in a finance support package worth £570,000. 

Leadin has strong links with Swansea University, developed as a result of Techealth, an EPSRC-funded project to generate impact for the University. 

Jay Doyle, project coordinator at Techealth said: 

“We are delighted that Leadin chose Swansea for their new UK operations. The company has incredible vision and ambition, evidenced by their growth from a two-person start up to a team of over forty highly skilled professionals in just five years. 

Their growth plans predict that their UK centre will outgrow its parent company within a few years, and we are very pleased to be working alongside a company with such outstanding drive and talent. 

“This news is testimony that Wales has the high level skills required to support such ambitious commercial growth, and that our research expertise and capabilities at Swansea University play a significant role in attracting inward investment to this region.”

Managing Director of newly established Leadin UK, Harri Mansikkamäki said:

"Our close collaboration with Swansea University, welcoming support from Welsh Government, huge buzz on digital services in the UK and of course the business potential which requires our increased presence here, have all contributed to our decision to set up in Swansea. The ground work has been done and now it’s time to put the wheels rolling in full speed."

Dr. Juha Lehikoinen, Chairman and  co-founder of the company said:

"Throughout the history of Leadin, we have worked with diverse user segments, in challenging environments and on complex systems. We embrace new technologies but always drive the deployment with user in mind, demystifying and simplifying the underlying complexity of the used solution.

"Our methodologies and professionally enthusiastic attitude have demonstrated good results in various sectors from automotive challenges to big data solutions , from industrial set-ups to healthcare technologies. We are certain that we can repeat our success in the UK."

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