“Entangled Quantum Reality" event

In an event organised by Swansea University PhySoc, on Wednesday 29th March, Tim Hollowood and Markus Mueller from the Swansea Physics Department took a diverse audience of Swansea University physics undergraduate and postgraduate students, staff and UCAS Open Day guests on a fascinating tour into the strange world governed by quantum mechanics.

Entangled Quantum Reality eventAfter introducing the concepts of quantum superpositions, quantum interference and entanglement, Tim first showed how the phenomenon of entanglement gives rise to powerful quantum correlations that have no a counterpart in our everyday’s world described by classical physics. He then discussed the possibility of parallel worlds and argued that the ultimately unavoidable entanglement of large quantum systems - including ourselves - with the surrounding environment is responsible for the emergence of a classical reality at macroscopic scales.

In the second part of the presentation, Markus gave an overview of how entanglement and other quantum effects can be exploited in a controllable manner for practical quantum technology which is currently developed by researchers here in Swansea and worldwide. After outlining how quantum cryptography protocols allow for provably secure transmission of information, Markus gave an introduction into the working principle of quantum computers and provided a glance of the stunning experimental progress in constructing actual quantum computers with trapped ions and other physical platforms.

For those who have missed the talk, the video stream is available at the Swansea University eStream website: