EnAlgae scientist spreads the word Down Under

One of the senior researchers on the EnAlgae project has been spreading the word about her work Down Under. Dr Alla Silkina, who works out of Swansea University’s College of Science, presented a talk at the 5th Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology. This was held at the end of June in Sydney, Australia.

Alla down under blue mountainsWith delegates and speakers from across the world, the prestigious event was a fantastic opportunity to explain about our project to a wide audience.

Dr Silkina’s talk was focussed on the use of microalgae for the dual purpose of agricultural waste bioremediation and energy production.

“I was so happy to participate in this event with a presentation of the EnAlgae project and also to participate in the ongoing conversation around bioremediation and biofuel,” said Dr Silkina. “This visit was a great opportunity for both me and the EnAlgae project to gain a wider view on the worldwide application of algal biotechnology and to develop a better understanding of the general trends in the development of new technology.

After the congress I was invited to visit the Aquatic Processes research group of Professor Peter Ralph at the University of Technology in Sydney. This group is also focusing on similar research trends involving biofuel, bioremediation and the high value products which can be applied from micro and macroalgae.

Alla down under with seaweedI also went to the Algae Gastronomy Cocktail Event, which was a perfect possibility to explore the culinary delight of seaweed and algae food ingredients.”

The ISAP 2014 event brought together researchers and industry from a wide variety of specialist backgrounds. These included those working on macro and micro algal biotechnology, bioresources culture collections, genetic strain and natural resources management, culturing technology, downstream processing, and the biorefining of algae for fuels, feeds and high value products, bioremediation, health and nutrition.

This 5-day long congress brought together the latest industrial and academic findings from Asian, European, Middle- Eastern, American and Australian researchers.

EnAlgae is a four-year Strategic Initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. It brings together 19 partners and 14 observers across 7 EU Member States with the aim of developing sustainable technologies for algal biomass production.