Dr John Lancaster honoured with Distinguished Teaching Award

Swansea University lecturer Dr John Lancaster has been presented with the Distinguished Teaching Award which marks recognition by his peers and students of his exceptional achievements in teaching

John Lancaster is a lecturer in Marine Biology in the College of Science. One student nomination acknowledged “There are very few teachers that make a mark and who you feel has truly enhanced your learning experience. For me, John is one of those teachers.”


John Lancaster

Johnathan Lancaster DTA

The award was presented by Swansea University Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard B Davies during the summer Degree and Award Congregation for the College of Science Friday 22 July.

Professor Davies said “It is an important feature of Swansea University degree ceremonies that, while celebrating the success of our students, we find time to acknowledge some of the outstanding staff who have contributed to this success. For a few minutes we turn the spotlight on a Distinguished Teaching Award winner. We are justifiably proud of the high quality of student experience provided at Swansea and we find that staff, graduates and parents enjoy the opportunity to express their appreciation of the very best teaching”.

Dr Dan Forman, Programme Director and Chair of the Biosciences Board of Studies who supported the nomination said: “We are delighted that John has been awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award. He is highly regarded both amongst students and staff alike and is an inspirational teacher.”

Dr Lancaster commented on his delight at receiving the award: “Receiving the award was a very satisfying official confirmation that what I had been doing for the last 20 years was appreciated. I have always found the positive comments I have received from students and their parents the most rewarding part of my job, but this official acknowledgement, as I take early retirement, is extremely gratifying.”

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