Dr Carole Llewellyn to talk ‘Fish chips and Mushy peas’ at British Science Festival

Could algae be the broccoli of the future? Dr Carole Llewellyn will explore the wonders of algae and how they can be used for a whole range of uses at the British Science Festival next month (7-10th September, Bradford).

Dr Carole Llewellyn‘Fish, chips and mushy peas – fish, chips and algae or carrot cake – algae cake? In the search for superfoods and sustainable agricultural crops, algae, certainly ticks the box’, says Dr Llewellyn.  Her talk at the Science festival will identify the challenges faced and will look at how to take this niche market and make it a market leader.

She added, ‘My talk will inform the audience that Algae are perhaps the most important group of organisms on our planet! It is estimated that around 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from algae and yet we still know relatively little about them compared to land based plants.

There are more than 7,000 different species with a wide diversity of form and function.  Some species contain high levels of oils and this together with their high productivity compared to other crops has generated much interest in using them for biofuel.  Although commercial production of algal biofuel is a long way off we are now recognising just how important algae are for a whole range of opportunities including as biological cell factories to produce useful chemicals; and in the clean-up of waste including CO2, nitrate, phosphate, metals and organic pollutants.   We are also recognising just how nutritious they are!