Antihydrogen research recognised in Research Milestone celebrations!

Congratulations to Swansea physicists who have been recognised by the Department of Energy in Washington for their contribution to the understanding of antihydrogen.

Research MilestonesTheir landmark paper “Trapped antihydrogen” published in Nature in 2010, was included in a prestigious selection made by the DOE to celebrate their 40th anniversary in supporting and investing in groundbreaking research.

The Research Milestones celebration is highlighting 40 major research papers from the last 40 years as the ‘cream-of-the-crop’ in terms of research that has changed the face of science. The highlights cover not only physics but the other physical, biological and earth sciences, and the honour reflects the acclaimed work being undertaken by the Department of Physics at Swansea University.

Mike Charlton comments that “It is a tremendous accolade to be included in this amazing compendium of scientific work, and it serves as a tribute to the stunning achievements of Swansea Physics and the ALPHA antihydrogen collaboration.”