£800k EPSRC grant awarded to Computational Foundry Associate Professor for ‘solving very hard problems’

Congratulations to Dr Oliver Kullmann, Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Computational Foundry, who has been awarded an EPSRC grant for £839,938 for further his research in ‘The next level of SAT solving for very hard problems’.

SAT solving (SAT deriving from Satisfiability) is commonly used for computational problems. Dr Kullmann explains: “It’s much like a logical puzzle like Sudoku, but on a far bigger scale - it’s a universal puzzle solver.

This research can be applied to safety in the technology industry, for example, such as microprocessors.When even the tiniest weakness in a microprocessor design can lead to catastrophic errors for computers, it is research like this that ensures these problems do not occur.”

Oliver Kullman

As Dr Kullmann says, “It’s theoretical and practical – with this research we can do “magic”, solving “unsolvable” puzzles, so that in the end we can rely on our computers.

Also, the research will deliver open-source software, meaning it is open to anyone, so that we can collaborate with mathematical users (for automated theorem proving) and industry effectively."

For more information about the grant, please visit the link on the EPSRC website