Hamburg apprentices get a taste of Uni and city life in Swansea

Young German apprentices from Hamburg - including bakers, carpenters and painters - have been in Swansea as part of a University-run scheme, working with local businesses and having language classes to improve their English.

The scheme is run by English Language Training Services at Swansea University, with Junge Werkstatt, a Hamburg-based training organisation.

Tatjana Miller, who is working at Mumbles Nursing Home, said:

“My work is in a luxurious place with friendly people. I am glad to be able to assist elderly people. I am happy to be here.”
Toni Früh, who has been working as a carpenter at the Gower Heritage Centre, said:

“Great city, great people, great Wales!”
Niclas Schnellbacher, who worked as a gardener in Swansea Botanical Gardens, described Swansea as…

“A pretty, lovely and funny city!”

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Pictured:  the 2015 Hamburg group at Swansea University

Jennifer Welti of Swansea University English Language Training Services, who co-ordinates the scheme, said:  

“It’s a great opportunity for our Hamburg guests to work in a different environment, as well as improve their English.  For some of them it’s their first time away from home, and they live in the student residences, so it all adds up to a great experience for them.

For the University it’s important to have these international links.  This scheme also means we are giving a taste of university life to people who haven’t experienced it, which is an important part of our work.”

There are 10 students from Hamburg working in the following teams and organisations, who have very kindly offered placements:
•    Joshua Treffinger, Waiter, Swansea University Cafe
•    Nathalie Kühl, Shop assistant, Cash Hardware, Mumbles
•    Niclas Schnellbacher, Gardener, Swansea Botanical Gardens
•    Tatjana Miller, Care Assistant, Mumbles Nursing Home
•    Calvin Wiggers, Cook, Swansea University Catering
•    Jonas Sudto, Cook, Swansea University Catering
•    Toni Früh, Carpenter, The Gower Heritage Centre
•    Lucas Bauch, Painter, YMCA
•    Georgina Clasen, Baker, Swansea University Catering
•    Ehsan Pirouz, Baker, Swansea University Catering

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Picture:  Lucas Bauch (right), apprentice painter, who was part of the team working at Swansea YMCA