Really Useful Computer Knowledge: RUCK workshops to upskill UK’s software development industry

Software Alliance Wales will deliver a smorgasbord of workshops on the 25th and 26th June at Aberystwyth University; providing a forum for developers and company owners to talk tech while gaining practical knowledge and skills to build strong and sustainable IT-based businesses.

RUCK workshopAcross the two days there will be an array of speakers delivering tutorials developed specifically for the UK software development community.

Professor Chris Price, event organiser and head of computer science teaching at Aberystwyth University said, “Software Alliance Wales’ boasts a wealth of experience in developing and delivering ‘hands-on’ training courses for the community of developers committed to maintaining their highly valued skills.

“The RUCK workshops will build on this success by bringing it all together into one neatly-packaged event with practical tutorials delivered by experts with an insatiable passion for skills transfer and all things tech.”

Web programmers interested in learning Javascript are well catered for; with a half-day session for beginners and a follow-on session for experienced JS programmers interested in using HTML5 for games or business-focused applications. There is also a full day tutorial for programmers who want to take advantage of the significant and growing commercial opportunities in the Arduino and smartphone arena.

Developers will learn to develop for mobile web, to design better websites, and how to improve the look and feel of advertising-led ‘landing pages’. And professional photographer, John Gilbey, will give advice on how to take great photos.

Another workshop will focus on the practical issues around information and network security, what company owners need to consider, and what actions staff need to take to secure the assets of the business. While other tutorials focus on the use of SourceTool and Git to set-up version control and store multiple projects, how to set-up and use automated testing tools, affordable usability testing, and one-click product building.

For those who want to learn how to market their IT business or software application, a half-day session – led by tech marketing practitioner, Bethan Lauder – will outline the practical steps that the tech savvy audience should follow and the key tools and techniques used when developing and implementing effective PR and marketing plans.

Professor Price, concluded: “The RUCK workshops, in the seaside town of Aberystwyth, are a great way for software developers to get together with collaborators - and other like-minded people - to learn practical skills in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

“At the end of the 2-days, attendees will be equipped with skills and knowledge that they can apply as soon as they return to the office.”

The Really Useful Computer Knowledge (RUCK) event will be held at Aberystwyth University on 25th and 26th June 2014.