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SilverCloud is an online, self-help resource that can be accessed by all Swansea University students.

Register your online account to access a range of interactive programmes that you will be able to work through at your own pace.

How will SilverCloud help?

  • The programmes will help you to understand your difficulties and to equip you with practical techniques and strategies to effectively manage the way in which you think, act and feel. 
  • It has its foundations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and is informed by clinical expertise and research.  
  • It allows you to work through a range of self-paced modules, which you can customise in line with the issues you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve. 
  • Programmes include;
    • Space for Positive Body Image
    • Space from Anxiety
    • Space from Depression
    • Space from Stress

To find out more about Silvercloud and register, please click here.

How to register

You can register using your University email address: this will become your log-in each time you wish to use Silvercloud. 

Only you will have access to your Silvercloud account and no-one will be able to see the activities you undertake or the information you provide as you work through the modules.



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