Colonel Edward Tuite Dalton
Soldier - Anthropologist
1815 - 1880

Lithographs & Plates

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The Lithographs are located at the back of the original copy of the book (1872). The links below each thumbnail will bring up the plates that appear opposite each image in the book. Click on the pictures to view them enlarged.

Rest at noon - 
Group of Oraons(frontispiece)

plate I

 Fig 1. Khamti Female
    Fig 2  Chulikata Woman   (see accents on the plate)

plate II

Fig 1  A capital specimen of a Singpho Chief    Fig 2 Abelo, Chulikata Mishmi Chief

plate III

Male and Female of the Tain or Digaru Mishmi Tribe
plate IV

Group of Digaru Mishmis
plate V

Group of Miju  Mishmis
plate VI

Group of Midhi or Chulikata Mishmis
plate VII

Fig 1  An admirable and thoroughly typical representation of a Tain Mishmi girl
Fig 2  A Bor Abor girl.

plate VIII

A Miju or Mizhu Mishmi in undress
plate VIIIa

A Chulikata Mishmi Chief in full dress
plate IX

Group of Bor Abors
plate X

Abor Chief
plate XI

Dhoba Abor
plate XII

A Dhoba Abor
plate XIII

 Fig 1  A Phakial
Fig 2  Miri Woman
plate XIV

 Miuis Male and Female
plate XV

Naga Chief

plate XVI

Male and Female of the Namsang Naga Tribe

plate XVII

Male and Female from Murruck, Asam
plate XVIIa

 Male and Female of the Lower Naga Group
plate XVIII

Figs 1, 2 and 3 are natives of Mauipur Valley
Fig 4 Angami Naga

plate XIX

  Kachari Male and Female
plate XX

Kukis Male and Female

plate XXI

  Garo Women and head of Garo Boy
plate XXII

Bhutias or Burs, Male and Female

plate XXIII

 Lepchas (Sikkim)
plate XXIV

 Limbu Male and Female
plate XXV

 Fig 1.  A Mug
Fig 2.  A “Ho” or Kol of Singhbum

plate XVI

 Mundas of Chutia Nagpur, Male and Female
plate XXVII

 Oraons and Mundas of Chutia Nagpur
plate XXIII
plate XXIX

 Group of Korwas
plate XXX

Fig 1. An Oraon Chutia Nagpur
Fig 2  Romia N Oraon girl of Chutin Nagpur
plate XXXI

Koccu Male and Female

plate XXXII

Juang Girls

plate XXXIII

Juang Tribe

plate XXXIV

Bendkar Tribe

plate XXXV

Ho or Larka Kol Females

plate XXXVI

Paori (or Pahari) Bhuiyas of Keonjhar Male and Female
plate XXXII


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