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Politics and International Relations

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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

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Welcome to the College of Arts and Humanities

A welcome message to all our visitors from Professor John Spurr, Head of the College of Arts and Humanities.

Politics and International Relations

In this video, Dr Matthew Wall answers questions about the study of Politics and International Relations at Swansea University and discusses some interesting aspects of the degrees.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics subject talk

Find out more about the challenging and rewarding study of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) at Swansea University. Dr Paddy McQueen discusses how this unique subject allows you to develop skills in economics, political knowledge, and philosophical skills, focused on critical and creative thinking.

In this video, Dr Matthew Wall, Associate Professor in Politics, presents a taster lecture to introduce you to some of the topics which you will cover in your Politics Degree at Swansea.

In this video, Associate Professor Luca Trenta, whose main area of expertise is US Foreign Policy, presents a session on why studying International Relations and US Foreign policy can help us understand recent controversies and issues.

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