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Welcome to the College of Human and Health Sciences

Hello, I am Professor Ceri Phillips, Head of the College of Human and Health Sciences, and I would like to welcome you to today's Undergraduate Virtual Open Day. We hope you enjoy finding out more of what we have to offer here at Swansea University and if you have any questions, please email

Introduction to Healthcare Sciences

Here is an introduction to our Healthcare Sciences course at Swansea University. There are a wide range of fantastic and rewarding subjects to study under this course, such as: Audiology, Cardiac Physiology, Nuclear Medicine, Neurophysiology, Radiotherapy Physics, Radiation Physics, and Respiratory and Sleep Physiology.

Find out more about the Healthcare Science course from our students!

Find out more about this course here.

Why study at Swansea University?

Alex, one of our students, tells us all about University life and what he loves most about studying at Swansea University.