What do our students say about Swansea University?

Charlotte, BA French (Welsh medium)

Charlotte, BA French (Welsh medium)

"I decided to study French at Swansea as there are loads of resources available on campus let alone the gorgeous beach directly opposite! I believe that studying a language opens many doors especially as every student has the opportunity to study abroad for a year. I decided to study through the medium of Welsh because I had always received Welsh medium education. Lessons through the medium of Welsh are practical and there is more time for lecturers to explain and disciss things in detail." 

Carwyn, BSc Geography (Welsh medium)

Carwyn, BSc Geography (Welsh medium)

"As Geography has so much to do with the environment, studying my degree in Swansea has given me an opportunity to use the local area to do field work. By studying through the medium of Welsh I've managed to gain many additional skills as well as had the chance to converse in the language often."

Catherine, BA Welsh (first language)

Catherine, BA Welsh (first language)

"After spending almost three years at Swansea, I'm very happy with my choice of University. The location is lovely - right by the sea and the campus is homely and convenient. The best aspect for me was my studies, with the subject being very interesting with enough variety. The department's staff are also very supportive too."

James, BSc Zoology

"I originally chose Swansea because of the course and the lecturers: it's exactly what I wanted to do, it gives me a lot of options to specialise in later years, and the lecturers are incredibly enthusiastic.  I'm really glad I came."

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Nathan, BSc Sports Science

"I love life in Swansea.  I couldn't think of going anywhere else, I just love it!"

Jennifer, BA American Studies with a Year Abroad

"Without a doubt, [my year abroad] was the best experience of my life, and so valuable in terms of personal growth, building confidence and life skills - as well as an unbelievably fun year!"

Nia Eleri Johns, BA Welsh (First language)

What our students have to say about Swansea University

"The advantages of studying through the medium of Welsh in Swansea are that there are numerous opportunities to practice the language, which is perfect for me. Also, because the lectures are lively and the attention that we get from lecturers and tutors means that there is ample opportunity to explain and discuss things in more detail."

Imogen, BA Human Geography

Imogen, studying BA Human Geography at Swansea University

"I've really enjoyed my 2 years here because of all the friends I've made; it's a really sociable place to be. 

My course is great and I got to go on a field trip to New York, which was really good fun!"

Alex, BSc Zoology

"I chose Swansea because of the great location; you get to work with world-renowned academics and the services and societies are second to one.  I'm a member of the scuba diving society - they go on trips all the time and give you great discounts on scuba activities."

Eamon, BSc Sports Science

"My three years at Swansea were incredible, and undoubtably helped me to get where I am today (Head Sport Scientist with West Ham United)."

Lucy, LLB Law

"I'm hoping to do postgrad medicine and I'd love the opportunity to stay here - I think it's a fantastic University, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else!"

Heulwen Beasley, BA French & Spanish

What our students have to say about Swansea University

"Studying through the medium of Welsh opens doors to other modules. At the moment I'm studying 'Contemporary Patagonia' which is enabling me to introduce my Soanish and South American studies. I'm hoping that this will prepare me for visiting the Welsh school in Trelew one day."

Christian Kelsey, BA Welsh (Second language)

What our students have to say about Swansea University

"As a Welsh, second language, speaker, I chose to study Welsh as a degree course to ensure that I would be fluent in the language. I can now socialise in Welsh with first language and second language speakers easily. It is a very practical course which has given me the working & communication skills required for a future career".

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Alys, BA History (Welsh medium)

Alys, BA History (Welsh medium)

"I decided to study History at Swansea as this is one of the most lively cities in Wales with numerous facilities available within easy reach of the campus such as an excellent sports centre and a beach with amazing views. The best thing about studying in Swansea are the useful resources such as the Richard Burton Archives in the university's library and the National Waterfront Museum in the city centre. Having access to these is essential for my History degree!"