Welsh Medium Work Experience, Employability & International Opportunities

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A degree is important to ensure a good job, but employers look for far more than a degree when choosing which graduates to employ. Ensuring work experience and developing skills as you study and during the holidays will add to your ability to compete for jobs. Academi Hywel Teifi has developed a new Welsh-medium module which is open to all Level 2 students, whatever their degree course. This module gives you an opportunity to take advantage of a Welsh-medium work experience placement in a field relevant to your degree, thereby developing crucial employability skills.

Work Experience - AHT200

On this module you will spend a period of 10 days’ work experience with an organisation, a charity, a business or a governmental institution in Wales. You
will attend the placement one day a week throughout the term in order to develop employability skills and a comprehensive understanding of the world of work. There will also be lectures and seminars to improve your employability skills and enable you to make the most of your period of work experience, as well as preparing you to apply for jobs. For more information contact Non Vaughan Williams.

Swansea Employability Academy (SEA)

Swansea University has founded a new academy, , to support students who wish to increase their employability skills. The Academy promotes new initiatives, demonstrates good practice, and provides opportunities which will enable you to improve your skills and record your attainments by using the Higher Education Record of Achievement. Two schemes offered are the Swansea Paid Internship Network (SPIN) and the Week of Work (WoW).

Siwan, BA in Welsh & Media Studies

Siwan, BA in Welsh & Media Studies

“As part of the university’s Week of Work, Academi Hywel Teifi staff arranged some work experience for me with one of the main television production
companies in Wales, Cwmni Da. I therefore had an opportunity to see how programmes are produced, and all the work that goes on behind the scenes. It
was a memorable and valuable experience, and I will benefit from it in future.”

International Opportunities

Stuyding abroad schemes give you an opportunity to gain valuable interpersonal and transferable skills, such as organising and planning, joint working, problem-solving and communicating. These days employers recognise how important it is for graduates to have an understanding of international issues or other cultures, and they expect it. As a result, the University offers various opportunities for you to study abroad as part of your degree or to take advantage of one of the summer programmes available. Swansea University has links with more than 100 partner universities and organisations
around the world.

For further information about this scheme and other opportunities contact the University’s International Development Office 

Heulwen, BA French & Spanish

Heulwen, BA French & Spanish

‘‘Everyone was so very welcoming and made us feel at home in Tallequah, Oklahoma, when I went over to visit the Native American nation of the Cherokee. I’ve learnt a great deal about their culture and their way of life which I’ll treasure for ever! Travelling to a location and living amongst the local people gives you a new way of looking at the world."

Read Heulwen's blog (Welsh language only)

Gareth, BSc Geography

Gareth, BSc Geography

‘‘Volunteering in Siavonga, south Zambia whilst studying for my degree was a once in a lifetime opportunity and the visit will stay with me forever. It was a joy to work with the local community and share daily living experiences with the people of Siavonga. I would like to thank the team at Discovery, the university’s volunteer-led charity, for the opportunity and I’d encourage other students to take advantage of the programme in future.’’