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The Welsh Society - all you need to know about us

The Gym Gym, as it’s called, provides a fantastic opportunity to make new friends, take part in exciting activities, and receive support and assistance from Welsh speakers and learners during your studies at Swansea University. The Gym Gym meets regularly, and organises a host of social activities through
the medium of Welsh. Amongst the recent Gym Gym activities was a trip to Scotland to watch Wales in the Six Nations rugby, and a very successful Intercollegiate Eisteddfod was held here in 2014.

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Llŷr Roberts - President of the Welsh Society

Lois Roberts - President of the Welsh Society

"The Gym Gym is a society that offers the opportunity to Welsh medium students and learners to get together and socialise once a fortnight. It's a chance to make new friends and meet fellow Welsh medium students. This year as well as our usual social evenings we will also be going to the Intercollegiate Eisteddfod and Ball in Aberystwyth and heading to Edinburgh for the yearly Six Nations rugby trip. We hope you will join us!"

Lois Roberts, President of the Welsh Society