Sporting Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries

What is available?

The scheme aims to cover the enormous spectrum of talent which young people reveal in individual and team sports. We look for students who not only satisfy the normal academic requirements for admission but who have also demonstrated outstanding ability in whatever sporting sphere they have made their speciality. There are 4 different levels of scholarship available;

Professional Athlete Scholarship


Already achieved a paid professional sporting contract

Expected to represent SU No
Benefit to University Promotional and marketing, brand association
Financial award                 

Full Time up to £1,000 P.A.

Part Time up to £500 P.A.

Elite Athlete Scholarship


Coaching or competing to International or Junior International in a BUCS sport or recognised in a national pathway as a future international

Expected to represent SU                                                                   

BUCS sport or recognised in a national pathway as a future international
Financial award

Full Time Up to £3,000 P.A.

Part Time Up to £1,500 P.A.

BUCS Scholarship

Criteria   Coaching or competing to a very high standard (including but not exclusively; County, regional, Academy, Junior International) in a BUCS Sport. These will represent the University as a coach or as a player for the nominated team
Expected to represent SU                                                                                                                                Yes
Financial award

Full Time Up to £2,000 P.A.

Part Time Up to £1,000 P.A.

Sporting Excellence Scholarship


Stand out performer or coach in their sport in a non BUCS sport

Expected to represent SU      No
Financial award

Full Time Up to £2,000 P.A.

Part Time Up to £1,000 P.A.

There is also a Sporting bursary which can be applied for if you have not been awarded a scholarship.

Sporting Excellence Bursary


Students who have been selected or who have already performed to a high level that required additional funds to allow competition who have not got a Sporting Scholarship

Expected to represent SU                                                                                Yes, where possible
Financial award

Full Time Up to £500 P.A.

Part Time Up to £500 P.A.

Sporting Scholarship & Bursary Support

Potential package may also include:

  • Academic Mentor
  • Flexible Study Option
  • Profile on University Website
  • Publicity assistance
  • Swansea University branded kit
  • Sketty Lane Sports Facilities Parking permit
  • Summer accommodation
  • Complimentary Sport Swansea Membership
  • Free gym membership
  • Free Wales National Pool membership if sport requires
  • Access to S&C, nutrition, physio and sports massage support

How to apply

There is one application form for the scholarships, which will then be assessed by the selection panel and if your application is successful you will be informed which level scholarship will be awarded.

The application form can be downloaded at the following link - 

Sporting Entrance Scholarship Application Form

Sporting Bursary Application Form

Please return your completed application by either emailing your form to or by post to The Admissions Office, Swansea University, Singleton Park, and Swansea, SA2 8PP.

Please submit your application before March 1st in the calendar year that you enroll as a new student.
If you apply to University after March 1st please submit your scholarship application before October 1st.

In addition to completing the application you will need to arrange for two references to be sent to us.  These can either be sent to us directly or sent together with the rest of your form.  Feel free to arrange for the references to be completed on headed paper or emailed directly rather than the provided templates if this is easier.

The reference form can be downloaded at the following link -

Sporting Entrance Scholarship Reference Form

Need further information?

If you need any further information the scholarships and bursaries are administered on a day to day basis by the Admissions Office.  They can be contacted via telephone on 01792 295111 or via

If you have a question or complaint regarding the operation or any other aspect of the Sporting Entrance Scholarships and Bursaries, these should be sent in writing to Gareth Jones, Undergraduate Admissions Manager, Admissions Office, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP

If you have a questions regarding eligibility or what being a Sporting Scholar would entail please contact Roger Davies, Sporting Recruitment and Events Officer,

Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarships are awarded by the Recruitment and Admissions Committee (the committee) based on the recommendation of the Sporting Entrance Selection panel (the panel)
  • Scholarships are awarded to candidates who in the view of the panel have demonstrated both (i) that they have outstanding ability in the field of a sporting activity and (ii) that they also meet the admissions requirement of the scheme of study they wish to pursue. 
  • All awards are at the discretion of the panel and are selected subject to competition from other candidates.
  • There are several categories of award (Professional Athlete Scholarship, Elite Athlete Scholarship, BUCS Scholarship and Sporting Excellence Scholarships) with a maximum cash value of £3000 plus possible additional benefits (listed in the scholarship profiles on the Swansea University website).  The type of award and amount paid in maintenance is decided by the panel based on individual applications.
  • The panel may use whatever means of assessment it thinks most appropriate in order to determine which candidates are worthy for recommendation to the committee for award of a scholarship.
  • Scholarships may be held in addition to, and concurrently with, any other award which the Scholarship holder may receive from local education and/or other grant awarding bodies.
  • Each Scholar is allocated a Sporting Scholarship Supervisor at the start of their course.  The award will be paid to the Scholar in two instalments per year.  Payments are only made after an initial target setting meeting, or the subsequent review meetings have taken place, and the payment has been approved by the Sporting Scholarship Supervisor, based on the Scholars achievements and goals.  

In addition to this the Sporting Scholarship Supervisor will –

Negotiate an appropriate Sporting programme with each Scholar containing a mutually agreed set of aims and objectives.

Send a copy of the programme to the committee each year, along with a report on the Scholars sporting and academic progress

Undertake an assessment of the Scholar’s progress at the end of each term and authorise any payments as appropriate.

  • Scholarships are available to candidates who are pursuing full time and part time Undergraduate and Postgraduate applications.
  • There are two deadlines for the scholarships, the first being March 1st, in the calendar year that the potential Scholar enrols as a new student.  The final deadline is October 1st, in the calendar year that the potential scholar enrols as a new student; the second deadline is for applicants who apply to the university after the initial March deadline.
  • If it is the view of the panel there is an equality of attainment amongst certain candidates the committee reserves the right to split an award.
  • Scholarships are awarded as renewable for each year of the student’s chosen course, subject to satisfactory sporting and academic performance, as judged by the committee based on the recommendations of the Sporting Scholarship Supervisor.
  • Should a Scholar have to repeat a year of study, no payments will be made during this period.
  • Where appropriate, Scholars are expected to represent the university during the course of the normal university season.  Depending on the award, there could be minimum appearance conditions set at the Scholar’s target setting meetings.  Payments could be held back until these have been met.  In any open competitions the Scholar should represent the University before acting as a representative of any other clubs or organisations.
  • Scholars must display a standard of conduct compatible with their privileged status and the good name of Swansea University.
  • If the Sporting Scholarship Supervisor deems a Scholar’s progress, or behaviour to be unsatisfactory, the scholarship may be suspended for a specified period or terminated.  Should a Scholar feel a decision to suspend or terminate  is unjust, they can appeal in writing to the chair of the committee
  • Senate reserves the right to make, amend, withdraw, suspend or cancel without notice these and such other regulations as may be in force from time to time and such decisions shall be final.
  • Individual financial and benefit packages are agreed with the scholar at the initial meeting with their Sporting Scholarship Supervisor based on the Scholars needs.