Your Questions Answered

The below information relates to 2018/19

Payment dates:

  • 9th November 2018
  • February 8th 2019
  • 10th May 2019

Students who do not have a tuition fee loan, or have been told that they are not eligible to receive one, or are who not sponsored.

You are required to make arrangements to pay the tuition fee directly to the University.

Can I pay the full fee "up front"?

Yes. Payment in full can be made at or prior to enrolment. If you opt to pay before enrolling online, please allow 2 working days before using the online enrolment system. 

Do you offer any payment discount?

Yes. If the personal fee that you are required to pay directly to the University exceeds £8,000 and payment of that fee is made in full by 5th October 2018, then you are entitled to receive a discount of 2%. You can deduct this discount from the total amount you pay. If payment is received after this date, you are not entitled to a discount.

Please note:  discount does not apply to any scholarships you may receive – only the amount you personally pay to the University.

Discount is only available to students who pay fees personally.  It is not available to sponsors.

Do you accept payment over the web?

Yes. Our secure online payment facility is available to all students and is available 24/7. It can be accessed via the Swansea University Intranet. This system allows you to pay in full with a credit/debit card. 

What payment terms do you offer?

If you choose to take up the instalment option, you will be asked to submit a valid direct debit mandate as part of online enrolment. We will then make arrangements to collect the fees on 9th November 2018, 8th February 2019 and finally 10th May 2019. We will only accept instalments by direct debit.

Payment example
Personal fee contribution = £9,000
Payment to be made on 9th November 2018 by direct debit = £2,970 (33%)

Payment to be made one February 8th 2019 by direct debit = £2,970 (33%)

Payment to be made on 10th May 2019 by direct debit = £3,060 (34%)

Please ensure that your bank account permits payments by direct debit before you complete the mandate.

Can I pay by cheque?

If you wish to pay by cheque please make out your cheque to Swansea University, and write your student reference number on the back. Cheques should be sent to Swansea University, Finance Department, Singleton Park, Swansea. SA2 8PP. 

You can also pay by debit/credit* card by telephoning MYUNIHUB on 01792 616000. If you decide to pay over the telephone, please be aware that you will be unable to do so during the week commencing Monday 22th September 2018. This is because all staff will be on duty at the enrolment venue.

If you opt to pay in full before enrolling online, please allow 5 working days before using the online enrolment system. The payment is unlikely to have been credited to your account before that time. 

You can also pay in full by debit/credit* card as part of online enrolment using our secure payment system.

I have applied for a tuition fee loan but I am worried that it has not been finalised yet.

Try not to worry as it is not uncommon, and many students will be in this situation. What it does mean, is that the University will class you as being responsible for paying your own fees until we are provided with evidence that a tuition fee loan is in place. If you do find yourself in this situation you will be expected to set up a direct debit in order to enrol, but our first instalment is not due until November 10th and so this should give you enough time to finalise your loan. Once your loan is finalised and the University is made aware of that, then the direct debit will be cancelled and you will not be liable to pay the fees. A further safeguard for you is that we cannot apply for a direct debit without giving 10 days' notice.

I am a Welsh domiciled student. Isn’t the Fee Grant awarded automatically?

No. You are required to apply for the grant through Student Finance Wales.

Will I receive advance notice of the date on which tuition fee instalments are due to be made?

Yes, after enrolment you will receive a statement of account via your student email account 10 days in advance of the next instalment. This will clearly set out how much you are due to pay, how much you have paid, the date on which the payment is due and method of payment applicable in your case. Please be aware that we limit our communication with students to their student email accounts. Under University Regulations all enrolled students are expected to access their student e-mail accounts on a regular basis.

Further information

Can I pay in cash?

For your own personal security, you are advised not to pay fees in cash. The aim in offering a number of payment methods is to avoid the need for you to carry large amounts of cash.

Please note: Cash will not be accepted during enrolment events.

What if I am sponsored?

Some students receive fee support from external sources such as companies, charities, trust funds, and governments etc. If this is the case, the University requires documentary evidence of the award. This evidence must be presented at or before enrolment and should make specific reference to the amount of fee contribution awarded and the Academic Year(s) it covers. You should ask your sponsor to complete a Confirmation of Sponsorship Form, which can be printed from the following link

Students claiming to be in receipt of sponsorship will not be permitted to enrol without appropriate documentation. Sponsors are expected to pay invoices within 30 days. The University will continue to recognise an organisation as a legitimate sponsor, only if payments are received promptly. We do not class parents/family as sponsors for the purposes of this definition and reserve the right to reject sponsorship credentials in certain circumstances.

What if my sponsor fails to pay?

This is very unusual but in the event that a sponsor fails to pay all or part of any fee due, then you will be held personally responsible for any outstanding amount.

Students Studying Abroad

Students studying abroad are required to pay all their fees before leaving the host University or Organisation. Failure to do so will result in the outstanding debt being passed to our Finance department at Swansea University to actively pursue the Student to settle the unpaid amount. If the debt is still outstanding on completion of the academic course, full details will be passed to an outside debt collection agency to recover.

Third Party Disclosures and sharing information

On completion of studies/withdrawal/suspension, the university may disclose adequate, relevant and sufficient personal data to a third party(nominated Debt Collection Company), to enable the debt to the university to be pursued and recovered.

Penalty charges

To offset the additional administrative cost of processing unpaid direct debit claims and dishonoured cheques, the University will levy a charge of £25 for each unpaid item.

Refund charges

To offset the additional administrative cost of processing, an administration fee of £50 may be charged for refunds.

Please see refunds policy for full information.

Who can discuss my tuition fee situation?

Data Protection Legislation means that we can only discuss your personal tuition fee situation with you unless we have received your written permission to deal with a person nominated by yourself. These restrictions also apply if your parents are paying your fees.


Finance ‘ Drop-in ‘ Sessions

Please see the drop in times below:

Singleton Campus, Finance Department, Ground Floor:

Monday:           1.00pm – 4.00pm

Wednesday:     10.00am – 1.00pm

Friday:             1.00pm – 4.00pm


Bay Campus, Tower Information Centre

Thursday:     10.00am – 1.00pm


What happens if I find paying my fees difficult?

Whilst we offer what we believe to be a fair system for paying fees in instalments we do expect payments to be made on the nominated due dates. If you find yourself in financial difficulties you are strongly advised to contact the Money@CampusLife team within the Student Services Department who may be able to help with Hardship Funds and advice.

The worst-case scenario for non- payment of fees, is that under University Regulations you may be required to suspend your studies and re-enroll for the next Academic Year (once all outstanding fees have been paid). It is therefore important not to ignore any correspondence you may receive from the Finance Department.

Who can I talk to about payment of tuition fees?

You should contact the Income Section, which is located on the ground floor of the Finance Building.

Please note: If you owe any money from any previous period of study at this University, you will not be allowed to re-enrol until the debt has been paid in full