Loans and Grants

Tuition Fee Loan

Students living in Northern Ireland who are starting their studies in academic year 2018/19 can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the full cost of tuition fees (subject to terms and conditions). They can do this by applying to Student Finance NI.

 Amount per academic year

Tuition Fee Cost


Tuition Fee Loan (Maximum)


Tuition Fee Loan payments will be made directly to the University upon confirmation of your attendance each term, therefore no up front payment is required.

Maintenance Loan and Grant

Funding towards a students' living costs is made up of maintenance loans and grants. The amount you are entitled to will be dependent on where you live and your household income, as demonstrated in the table below.

Maintenance Grant and Maintenance Loan Entitlement
Household incomeMaintenance GrantMaintenance Loan - Living away from home Maintenance Loan - Living at parents' Home. 
£19,203 £3475 £2953 £1863
£25,000 £2201 £3289 £2199
£30,000 £1215 £3625 £2535
£35,000 £689 £4151 £3061
£41,540 £0 £4840 £3750
£45,000 £0 £4476 £3386
£53,035+ £0 £3630 £2812

Maintenance payments are paid direct to you in 3 instalments.  Your 1st instalment will be paid after you have enrolled and collected your ID card (the subsequent 2 instalments will be paid on the 1st day of the Spring and Summer terms).

Supplementary Grants

Students with dependent children, childcare costs, adult dependents, a disability or are classed as a Care Leaver may be entitled to additional help. 

Supplementary Grants
GrantMaximum  AvailableIs it means tested?Application Form

Parental Learning Allowance (PLA)

£1538 Yes PN1

Adult Dependent Grant (ADG)

£2695 Yes PN1

Child Care Grant (CCG)

85% of costs up to a maximum of:

1 Child - £148.75/week

2+ Children - £255.00/week

Yes CCG1

If you have further additional circumstances, there may be additional support and funding available. For more information please visit our Students With Additional Considerations webpage. 

Remember - There are Scholarships and Bursaries available. They are provided by Swansea University to promote excellence and widening participation. 

Please visit our dedicated webpage if you require more information about Sharia Compliant Finance.