Sarah Gwilym

Sarah Gwilym

Web and Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

Working in Two Languages

How often do you use Welsh at work?

I use Welsh every day in work

How fluent are you, in your opinion?

In my opinion, I am now fluent, thanks to the education which I received from Swansea University.  I did a Welsh Second Language degree, and when I started I could not speak a lot of Welsh at all, but now I am completely fluent.

Do you have any positive stories to share about your experience of Welsh in the workplace?

Yes, I have a couple of positive stories.  I am very fortunate to work in an Office where a couple of people can speak Welsh, which gives me the opportunity to use Welsh in work everyday.  Within the team, my colleagues have started to take an interest in the language and ask me to teach them a new word, and they greet me everyday in Welsh, which shows the respect that people have towards the Welsh language, which is lovely to see.

Have you faced any challenges?

I have to agree with Angharad Brown here, the greatest challenge is whether a member of staff speaks Welsh, and using Welsh without closing colleagues out of the discussion.

In your opinion, how important would you say it is to be able to offer a service in Welsh, even if you’re not the person offering that service?

In my opinion, its very important, its essential.

Is there anything that would help in terms of your ability to offer a Welsh language service / do your feel that you need more training / practice?

I do not feel that I need more training, I believe that it is important that we are able to offer all our services through the medium of Welsh.