Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca Edwards

Rebecca Edwards

Support Desk Assistant

I work on the University’s Switchboard, answering the phone and transferring calls to people and different departments.  I also take calls for I.T and Media Support. 

Working in Two Languages

How often do you use Welsh at work?

I use my Welsh often on the switchboard, there is an option to speak to someone who can speak Welsh.

How fluent are you, in your opinion?

I am extremely fluent, before I started working in the University, I went to a University in England, so I did fall out of the habit of speaking Welsh, but by working in the University, i have been able to use it again,

Do you have any positive stories to share about your experience of Welsh in the workplace?

Yes, I have met a community of friends who can speak Welsh.

Have you faced any challenges?

The only challenege I have faced is geeting back into the habit of speaking Welsh again.

In your opinion, how important would you say it is to be able to offer a service in Welsh, even if you’re not the person offering that service?

In my opinion, its very important to offer a Service in Welsh.  Welsh is our native language, and it is important that students and the people of the community are given the opportunity to speak with staff through the medium of Welsh.