Notification to the Information Commissioner

Notification to the Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner is required under the provisions of the Act to keep a register of data users. The University’s register entry is compiled by the Commissioner from the information given in the application form, which is filled out by the Information Compliance Officer (FOI/DP). The entry contains the University’s name and address together with broad descriptions of:

  • the personal data which the University holds;
  • the purposes for which the data are used;
  • the ways in which the data are processed;
  • the sources from which the University intends to obtain the information;
  • the people to whom the University may wish to disclose the information.

The register only shows what a data user is registered to do, it does not reveal whether or not the data user holds personal information about a person.

Staff who are data holders may hold personal data only in accordance with the University’s registration under the Data Protection Act, except where a member of staff has chosen to register as a Data User in his/her own right for University academic work. (Where a member of staff has chosen to be so registered s/he should inform the Records Manager).

The University's registration is reviewed and updated annually. If a new project involving personal data is being set up, or data already held are to be made available to different categories of people or used for a different purpose than the original, the Departmental Data Protection contact must be informed and this information will be passed to the University’s Records Manager.

The Commissioner ensures that the Data Protection Principles are observed and can serve an Enforcement Notice directing a registered Data User to take specific steps to comply where it is considered that there has been a breach of a principle. Information Notices can also be served where the Commissioner believes that a controller has information that would reveal a breach of the principles. The Commissioner's Office is a prosecuting authority in its own right, investigating cases and bringing them to court.

The register can be viewed on the Internet at The University’s registration number is Z6102454.