Summer School Postponed

Due to the spread of Covid-19, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone our Summer School. Although we appreciate this is disappointing news, this decision has been made with the health and well-being of students and staff as our priority.
We will of course be busy planning for future programmes. Please keep an eye on our website and these Summer School pages.



"I will 100% recommend this summer school to my friends! It’s fantastic!"
"I had a very happy time in Swansea!"
"I fell in love with Wales!"
"Not only I learned a lot about my academic subject, but I also had fun while studying"


What students say… LOCATION

"Campus is pretty – I would love to study here in the future"
"Sunsets are beautiful"


What students say… CAMPUS

"Friendly environment on campus"
"Good lectures and campus is wonderful"
"Nice environment"


What students say… ACCOMMODATION

"My room had the most amazing view to the beach"
"Peaceful and relaxing"
"So comfortable and spacious"
"Bed was comfortable and enjoyed living by myself"


What students say… TRIPS

"Learned a lot about Wales and England"
"Got to take a lot of beautoful photos!"
"Got rid of the stress of studying"


What students say… ACIVITIES

"100% fantastic!"
"Exciting and stimulating activities"
"Surfing experience is unforgettable"
"I’ve never experienced anything like this. Such fun!"


What students say… DISCIPLINE TUITION

"I learned a lot and my English improved"
"Teachers are patient, understanding, encourage critical thinking and always ready to help and answer questions"



"Benefited a lot from experiments in labs"
"Liked the field trips"
"Enjoyed seeing the difference between the UK and Hong Kong"


What students say… INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE

"Rare opportunity"
"Learnt about a lot of new building technologies"
"Would not have this opportunity in China"


What students say… WEEKEND IN LONDON

"Time of my life!"
"Very special tours and sights"
"Unique London experience"


What students say… GALA CEREMONY

"Wonderful memories"
"Made me very happy and proud of my achievements"