Faculty mobility

The University supports an ongoing programme of faculty mobility between Swansea and its Texas partner universities.

Supported by dedicated funding such as Erasmus+ staff mobility awards and the University's Texas Collaboration Funding Awards, the University has been able to support a significant number of faculty visits for the purpose of developing collaborations in research and teaching and the delivery of an extensive programme of guest lectures, in both Swansea and Texas.

Texas Collaboration Funding Awards

The Texas Strategic Partnership offers the Texas Collaboration Funding Awards to assist with Swansea University staff travel costs to Texas for the purpose of developing new collaborative activity in one (or more) of the following areas:

  • Collaborative research
  • Teaching collaboration
  • Student exchange
  • Professional services collaborations

The awards are designed to support Swansea University academic and professional services staff in the development of new collaborative activities in Texas with one (or more) of the University's Texas partner institutions.

2018 awards:

Texas Collaboration Funding Award Recipients

Texas Collaboration Funding Awards have been made to academics in each of Swansea's Academic Colleges:  

  • Dr Eoin Price from the Department of English Literature and Creative Writing received an award to develop a research collaboration with colleagues at Texas A&M University. Read more
  • Dr Lisa Wallace from Swansea University Medical School received an award to develop student mobility opportunities with Texas partner institutions. This led to the development of the Baylor College of Medicine Summer Innovation Programme which allows students from BSc Applied Medical Sciences to spend 6 weeks working on innovation projects in the Texas Medical Center. Read more
  • Dr Hany Abdel-Latif from the School of Management received an award to develop a collaboration exploring the global interrelationship between oil prices, financial liquidity and geopolitical risk with colleagues at Rice University. Read more.
  • Professor Sue Jordan from the College of Human and Health Science received a Texas Collaboration Funding Award to develop a collaborative research project with colleagues at UT Austin which examined the feasibility, reliability and validity of innovative multiparametric epidermal sensor systems developed by engineers at UT Austin. Read more
  • Dr Luca Trenta from the Department of Politics and International Relations received an award to undertake collaborative research with colleagues at Texas A&M University. The collaboration, in conjunction with colleagues from Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service, focuses on the military effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones). Read more
Prof Patrick Leung
Prof Michael Olias
Dr Helen Valier