Showcase session

Sleep on it: The Benefits of Sleep for Memory 

Houston: 28th October

Mark Blagrove

Head of the Department of Psychology, Professor Mark Blagrove was educated at Cambridge and Brunel universities.

Before his PhD he worked for three years at the Bethlem Royal Hospital (the original “bedlam”), and afterwards worked at the Loughborough University Sleep Laboratory before joining Swansea University in 1991.

His research focuses on the relationship between sleep and cognition, including the effects of sleep loss, memory consolidation, functions of sleep, causes and possible functions of dreaming, nightmares and lucid dreams. 

Professor Blagrove is Director of the Swansea University Sleep Laboratory which investigates sleep, dreaming, and what happens when people are deprived of sleep. 


The Swansea University Sleep Laboratory

The Swansea University Sleep Laboratory investigates sleep, dreaming, and what happens when people are deprived of sleep.

Its experiments aim to answer questions on:

  • The functions of sleep
  • The effects of sleep loss
  • The relationship of dream content to waking life experiences
  • Whether dreaming has any function, or is associated with any functional brain process
  • The relationship of sleep, and dreaming, to memory consolidation during sleep
  • The aetiology and characteristics of nightmares

The laboratory is designed to be as comfortable and non-clinical as possible. It has 2 bedrooms for experiments on sleep and dreaming, and lounge and kitchen facilities for the running of experiments on sleep deprivation. 

Studies are sometimes run outside the lab and allow researchers assess the sleep or dream content of people sleeping at home.